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Multipro Insurance Inc

With over 35 years of experience in property and casualty insurance, we are the benchmark for protecting the property you care about. With access to a wide range of products, through more than 25 partners, be assured that we will find the right insurance product for your needs.
The client is at the centre of our priorities. We are an independent property and casualty insurance firm, made up of experts in the analysis and transfer of risks among the best qualified to meet all your needs, be it in business insurance, professionals or individuals

Insurance of the particulars

Whether you are an owner, co-owner or tenant, whether for a luxury vehicle or a recreational vehicle (ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, boat, trailer etc.) Multipro Insurance is able to offer you the appropriate coverage, and at a competitive rate.
Our team makes sure to do the necessary research and is able to respond quickly and directly to a complaint. You will therefore have the protection that suits you and the peace of mind that results from it.

Insurance to enterprises

We offer a wide range of protections to businesses of all kinds;

For your goods
Buildings (property and equipment breakdowns)
Overall civil liability of the construction site (wrap-up)
Against theft, embezzlement and other offenses
Civil liability of undertakings
Complementary civil liability known as “Umbrella”
Civil Environmental Liability
Breakdown of machines with or without production equipment
Responsibilities of Directors and Officers
Liability for errors and omissions (professional)
Special events/ sports
Commercial Automotive (Garage Fleets)
Transportation risks (land and sea)
Agricultural insurance
Professional offices
Stores of details


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